Diploma in Physiotherapy

For a long time Physiotherapy has focussed on what patients wouldn’t be able to do after an accident. The activities they’d have to give up, the possibilities of not being able to go back to their jobs at all. At IPR we make you see and do things differently. We believe in positive approach to physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and have the advanced equipment, innovative approach and expert faculty to implement it. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. At IPR we make you skilled in preventing injuries, key functional assessment of your patient, the care of neck, back and joints, not ignoring the whole person and his psyche. Patients safely will be your first concern. You learn most effective ways to relieve pain and to help your patients get back to their jobs and routine faster.

From humble beginning in make shift hospitals to treat returning war amputees of world war, through innovative therapies for the polio epidemics that Swept Communities in 40’s and 50’s and onslaught of new type of injuries associated with widespread introduction of automobiles, physiotherapy has emerged as full member of our health care system. Physiotherapy is a dynamic professional health care discipline which uses arrange of treatment to prevent and restore body movement and dysfunctions.

Profession is keen to play a part in reducing burden on Doctors by acting as the first point of contact for patient into conditions ranging from back pain or neck pain, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Respiratory and Neurological diseases, recovery from illness, Heart attacks, Surgery, Joint replacements, Problems of old age, paralysed and disables including mentally retaryed, burn and accident victims.

Course Fees : Rs. 36,000/- (Rupees Thirty Six Thousand only) yearly, to be paid before the last date fixed by the institute, through crossed bank draft favouring "A " payable at Lucknow or in cash at reception counter.
The fee is neither refundable nor adjustable. Examination Fee : Candidates will have to pay the examination fee
as fixed by UP State Medical Faculty Lucknow at the time of final examination.
Hostel : Seprate rooms for girls are available - Single and double seated partly furnished hostel rooms with bed, mattress, pillow, table, chair, fan & tubelight are provided.
Mess : Provides vegetarian breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.
Hostel fee : Double Seated : Rs. 90,000/- per annum
Single Seated : Rs. 1,10,000/- per annum
The fee includes lodging and fooding and has to be paid at the time of admission favouring Academy of acupuncture and rehabliation . The fee is neither refundable nor adjustable.
Last date : Completed application in all respects should reach a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation on or before 20th October.
Duration : 2 year

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